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Prices are yet to be determined - only a small amount of hardware is currently stocked (a few Valkyries and Bifrosts), none of it is flashed with RI software, and work on the CVI gateway software is not even properly started.

That said, we can tentatively guess at what prices will end up being, though these numbers are obviously subject to change:


  • Valkyrie : $20
  • Bifrost : $30
  • Midgard : $50
  • Asgard : $100-300
  • RITower : $300-600

CVI Clearnet Access Service

Whenever you buy hardware, you get a discount on your CVI service - you get half the device price as credit for the service. For example, if I was someone who just bought a Valkyrie to get RI access, my first month of service would have $10 off. Multiple Valkyries? $10 off each, rolling over month to month. Buy a Midgard, and that $25 credit basically buys you a month of service at a good tier.

Unlike most things, buying in bulk doesn't necessary give you a good deal. That's because really high speeds are difficult engineering with the newness of the technology, and will cost a lot more to accomplish. Eventually this'll settle down to the happily linear $1/MBps price, and possibly even a bulk-discount model, but this is the way the early days go.

  • 1 MB/s : $1/month
  • 5 MB/s : $5/month
  • 10 MB/s : $10/month
  • 25 MB/s : $25/month
  • 50 MB/s : $50/month
  • 100 MB/s : $120/month
  • 300 MB/s : $400/month