While I’ve been having trouble with hosting my screencasts on Mediagoblin, I don’t want to prevent anyone from having access to these videos, on Hyperboria or anywhere else. So I’m making them all available on BitTorrent in 8-demo chunks. Volume 2 will come out after the 16th screencast. I’m currently unaware of any Hyperboria tracker I should be using, but I’m willing to update my torrent metadata to include one.

No regular HTTP download available. Share and share alike, ya leecher*.

These video files are all .mp4, because that’s what Youtube gave me, and it’s about as “original” as these files get. VLC should be able to play them on any platform, and convert to other formats.

* I understand the convenience of HTTP for the user. I just don’t care enough to spend server bandwidth on it… or literally any effort, for that matter. I expect that a lot of the people who want to download the torrent, want it for rehosting on http, so buck it up a notch and download the files from them.