Comic Con was great last week. Absolutely worth rescheduling the screencast and screwing with your heads. Not only did we have a fun time cosplaying, I also loaded up on actual comics! Every year that we go to RCCC, I get more into the comics side of it, which started as just curiosity - I was going for the other fun stuff, like panels and hanging out with fellow geeks and whatnot, but I felt a sort of duty to look into the heritage of the event, the medium that started it all - but the more comics I read and buy, the more I appreciate them. My particular favorites, of the stuff I got, are Bold Riley and Outfoxed, but I’ll edit in a full reading list later when I’m not under deadline to publish this blog.

Longjobs finally got remote support, so now it can accumulate long-running task data from other hosts. It’s particularly good for VMs, which is my use case at work, and the itch I was trying to scratch in the first place. However, with a little SSH configuration to support long-running master connections, it should be pretty useful for physically remote servers as well.

Demo 13 - Beautiful Inside and Out

Broadcasted on 9-28-2014



This week is all about some features that were unlocked by using Docopt for command line flag parsing in DJDNS. The same treatment is coming to the binaries in the go-deje repo next week.


What next?

Use Docopt for more stuff. It’s amazing :)

EDIT: I did.