First and foremost, I have an announcement about the timing of the screencast. Saturday, not Sunday. We’re breaking protocol this week because I’m going to spend my Sunday at Comic-Con, and if you think I’m gonna stay home that morning to do a screencast, you have a screw loose.

Also, longjobs has been making a lot of progress recently. I’m going to be very excited when remote accumulation support is in, which should happen in the next week.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I can get on with actually describing the changes we got this week.

Demo 12 - It’s Log… Better than Bad, it’s Good!

Broadcasted on 9-20-2014



This week, I’ve put a lot of work into polishing logging, so that you can administrate your DJDNS instance that much easier. More updates are going to be coming in right down to the wire, so the change list won’t be finally until end of screencast.

Not that I need to rush to have stuff to show off, I just like getting a whole “theme” of things done in a week. Makes for easier headline decisions.


What next?

Some possible big API changes, moving to docopt to make more code testable with coverage metrics (and y’all know how I love 100% coverage).

EDIT: Did some Docopt work. The API changes are still on the drawing board.