I spent most of my development time this week on other projects. Worthy stuff. But I got just enough done on DJDNS to show off, and incidentally add a lot more work. Not sure if it’s excuses or pride, but I just gotta list what I was working on.

  • Fixed the nixpkgs Golang package. The lack of coverage testing, in particular, was killing me for my own use cases, where coverage matters, and it sucks to have to wait for Travis CI to find out if my commits cover everything.
  • Created an entirely new project, longjobs. This lets me see a concise list of long-running tasks in my i3status taskbar, but the underlying script is flexible enough for non-tilers to find interesting uses, I’m sure.
  • Ongoing progress on os-prober. You may or may not be familiar with my “drastic fork” of this tool, but I’ve been working very hard to increase the code quality and portability of this tool, so that it will eventually be usable on NixOS to automatically populate your GRUB menu with all your operating systems (a feature I really miss from more mainstream distros).

Demo 11 - Play with a Server

Broadcasted on 9-14-2014


Finally, I’m going to open up a public DJDNS server for people to poke and prod. Remember, folks, this thing is easy as heck to grief, so don’t take the data seriously.

Post-broadcast update: Here is how you play with the DJDNS server.

  1. Connect to http://roaming-initiative.com:8080/ on your browser.
  2. In the “Reconnect” area, second field, put in deje://roaming-initiative.com:8080/root, and hit the button. The default is deje://demo/, which is not correct.
  3. In the JSON data to broadcast field, put {"type": "02-request-timestamps"}
  4. A multitude of peers should rush to inform you about what’s up.
  5. In a terminal, use dig @roaming-initiative.com -p 9953 ri.hype to query the server. Try substituting different websites than ri.hype, to trigger the different branches.

I did try to add multipage demo data, but it turns out that multipage was silently broken since the last time I worked with it. It was always a bit shakey. Maybe next time, that’s one of the things I will show off.


What next?

Figure out why multipage broke. Fix all the rough edges in logging.

EDIT: Logs with rough edges? I am the belt sander.