My actual DJDNS work has been light this week, and this post has basically zero lead time. Sorry. I’ve been distracted by heavy blogging, and an attempt to package Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne for NixOS (still ongoing at the time of this writing). So I’d like to more visually document how DEJE will work when resolving a document from scratch.

The presentation shown in this video is now published in the DEJE source repository.

Demo 09 - Trustless Phased Sync

Broadcasted on 8-31-2014


How do you download something, when you don’t even know who to trust to provide it to you? How can you be sure the copy you have is accurate (and up to date)? And how can you spread the load by providing new users with your bandwidth, without introducing new trust problems for them?

For large, static files, these problems are somewhat solved by BitTorrent. For living documents, though, the problems are much bigger, as the content is frequently changing, including who has the right to say what is the canonically correct current version.

While these problems have been solved in DEJE for a long while now, we have recently switched to a much different, much simpler, much faster solution. And I’m going to try to diagram it all in time for the screencast. No pressure.


What next?

Implement some of the tickets involved in phased resolution, as well as a few that make administration-via-browser easier.

EDIT: Implemented quite a lot of phased resolution, as you can see in the changelog.