Big week this week, but mostly outside DJDNS. I got sick of Mediagoblin and started working on an alternative, Contentgremlin, in the hopes that it will fit my sysadmin needs better. I also spent a couple days migrating my laptop to NixOS, which is tremendously exciting, and well worth the work to make wifi operate correctly. It’s a beautiful feeling, to be able to install anything, and to easily contribute back to the package index. Not to mention rollback, which has actually saved my butt at least once now. Nix has its downsides - the package manager isn’t nearly as useful outside NixOS because of the limitations of installing system-level services, and it runs god damn slow - but it’s a pretty good experience if you just dive straight in and learn immersion-style. I’m going to write a blog post about NixOS later this week, to share more of my findings, and provide a resource for fellow Nix noobs.

More relevant to y’all folks, I implemented one of the integral features of DJDNS this week, recursive resolution. This means that we can break the registry into multiple pages, finally. I also have a lot of ideas about how the model can be simplified (read: I finally came up with a way we can drop the concept of quorums), but I procrastinated writing this post so I’ll have to edit in later.

EDIT: The ticket where I document the new design.

Demo 08 - One Little Big Thing

Broadcasted on 8-24-2014


One big feature and two little fixes. Will hopefully be able to finally set up a live server that people can resolve from and play with.


What next?

Possibly Nix packaging, and some rearranging of tickets as my new design ideas mature. But really, who knows? It’s DJDNS!

EDIT: No Nix packaging, but ticket rearranging and documentation for #47? Absolutely.