This is another of what I call “cleanup weeks”, where a relatively small amount of visible progress is made, but important housekeeping gets dealt with in between the big moves. This week ended up being mostly about documentation, but does include automatic timestamp navigation on the browser (with the limitation that the graph logic is not complete, but that ends up being a corner case for demo purposes).

Unfortunately, I never did upload anything to Mediagoblin, but not for lack of trying. My GMG instance is accepting uploads, and then those uploads don’t show up anywhere. Not as failures, not as successes, just… nothing. I’m really goddamn tired of debugging GMG, let me tell ya, and I have more than half a mind to devote this next week to migrating it to a newer OS and GMG version on a separate machine. I know I’m just not gonna get it done as long as I’m splitting my meshnet time with DJDNS. I just don’t have enough steam left at the end of a workday. Stupid well-paying full-time job with coworkers I respect and admire, always getting in the way.

Demo 07 - While You Were Sweeping

Broadcasted on 8-17-2014


A “cleanup” week with improvements to the docs, automatic timestamp navigation in the browser, and some test suite improvements.


What next?

Some further JS refactoring, improvements to the Golang test suite.

EDIT: Ended up mostly just implementing RECURSIVE RESOLUTION