The plan this week was to bring the browser tech up to speed with the Golang tech, and boy howdy did I ever do that. Modesty is for lesser weeks, I got stuff done. Protocol updates, interface updates, and some long-awaited fixes to serialization.

A huge timesink was that the old version of Autobahn doesn’t support RequireJS properly, and until we can move everything to WAMP2, we’re stuck using old technology there. I had to make a fork each of Autobahn.js and when.js, and get it all to work with scons and the Closure Compiler. But it had to be done, because we can’t move to mainline Autobahn (doesn’t support WAMP1), and we’re definitely structuring the deje.js code as AMD modules, so the only person with the inclination to maintain this stuff is me. I’m lookin’ forward to the day we can just use the mainline of everything.

If you want that stuff to go faster, help sponsor and work on the stuff on this list.

I’m also hoping to have videos of each screencast uploaded to Mediagoblin by the time I do the cleanup update on this post.

Demo 06 - Return of the Javascript

Broadcasted on 8-10-2014


Big upgrades to the client-side infrastructure in DEJE.


What next?

Some further JS refactoring, improvements to the Golang test suite, and automatic timestamp navigation in the browser.

EDIT: I improved the serialization test suite, got auto ts nav to work in the browser, and improved documentation. See here.