Because there are some big changes this week, and I spent most of my potential coding time yesterday helping Aaron Wolf come up with fundraising video ideas for Snowdrift.coop, today’s demo will be a bit delayed. But it’ll be worth it. The toy protocol is getting a major-number revision from 01 to 02, and not just for giggles.

Demo 05 - Timestamps

Broadcasted on 8/03/2014


This week there was one really big feature, implemented as a few smaller jobs. Right now we have Timestamp tracking logic that is basically final, that is to say, exactly how things will work in the final version of the protocol. However, where the timestamps come from, and whether they track events directly or not, will change for the final version.

The protocol is now refactored to use this feature, which was a big enough change that we have incremented the protocol version number.

I’ve also tagged this release in go-deje, and will try to make that a normal part of the demo process.


What next?

Catch the JS library up to the Go library’s changes. I’ll also upload all the existing and future demo videos to my Mediagoblin instance so that they are available on Hype.

EDIT: I made good on the JS stuff, and the videos are coming.