It’s been a draining week at work, but I still managed to get some stuff done in the DJDNS sector, just not as much as I wanted to. I suspect that there will be quite a few weeks in this process where I only have small stuff to show off, but that’s okay. A week is a fairly small increment for a hobby project, and as long as I always move at least a small step forward in demonstratable progress, I’m making a difference.

Note: the blog post numbering jumps from 1 to 3, because the first post covers the first two demos, and I’d really like to have the post URLs match up with the demo numbers from here on out.

Demo 03 - CLI and Browser Clients

Broadcasted on 7-20-2014


djconvert is a program that ships with DEJE, for converting back and forth between “snapshots” (static state) and the history-toting DEJE on-disk format.

This will be really useful for converting the old static DJDNS data into real DEJE documents.

The demo ends in a bit of a glitch, because a Travis CI tab froze. The service is great, but the UI’s RAM usage is abominable.


What next?

Hopefully, I’ll have refactored some code out of DJDNS into mainline DEJE so that other DEJE projects can take advantage of the “canonical” way to interpret a deje://host/topic URI. But the heck if I know how I’m gonna demonstrate that, so let’s throw in that ticket for being able to clear the log in the demo browser client. If we’re really fantastically lucky, I’l even get some work in on the DNS reverse proxy!

UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: I accomplished the reasonable stuff, and a bit extra. Still no reverse proxy, sorry.